The application Cherrytree is written and maintained by Giuseppe Penone.

• Julian Stirling
• Emilie V.
• Jean-Philippe Fleury

This manual is written and maintained by Robert Boudreau.

The following people take care of the translations to the indicated languages:
• Pavel Fric (Czech)
• Vincenzo Reale (Italian)
• Klaus Becker (French)
• Frank Brungräber (German)
• Giuseppe Penone (Italian)
• Marcin Swierczynski (Polish)
• Andriy Kovtun (Russian, Ukrainian)
• Daniel MC (Spanish)
• Channing Wong (Chinese Simplified)
• Vinicius Schmidt (Brazilian Portuguese)
• Patrick Vijgeboom (Dutch)
• Seda Stamboltsyan (Armenian)
• Ferhat Aydin (Turkish)
• Piyo (Japanese)
• Zygis (Lithuanian)

The artwork is taken care mainly from the Cherrytree author, help came from Zeltak.

Most of the original icons are from GNOME and OCAL

All the mail addresses can be retrieved from the Cherrytree about dialog (help--about) clicking on the credits button.