Command Line Options

You can start Cherrytree with a particular document opened from a terminal or console command line. You will have to include the full path do the document unless you happen to store it's documents in a path known to your system's environment. An example of this in Linux would be:

cherrytree /home/rob/Documents/notebook.ctb

In Microsoft Windows it would be something like:

cherrytree 'C:\Documents & Settings\Rob\My Documents\notebook.ctb'

You can also have it open to a particular node if you know the node name by adding the '-n' switch. In Linux it would be something like this:

cherrytree /home/rob/Documents/notebook.ctb -n Recipes

Or in Windows:

cherrytree 'C:\Documents & Settings\Rob\My Documents\notebook.ctb' -n Recipes

This would open the "notebook" document and immediately go to the "Recipes" node.

You can get the currently supported command-line options by typing "cherrytree -h" in a terminal or console.

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