Fonts Preferences


This is where you set your default font style for the different parts of Cherrytree.
NOTE: What you set here does not affect the menus or header/status bar of Cherrytree. These are set by your choices for your operating system / desktop.

The choices you have are limited to the fonts available to your operating system. Any font that your operating system has installed will be available to Cherrytree. There are cases where certain programs like desktop publishing and word processing software will include fonts that the software keeps in a special folder for it's own use. These fonts are not available to the operating system, and therefore won't be available to Cherrytree. So if you have a fancy font in your word processor that you want to use in Cherrytree but it does not show up in the list of available fonts, you will have to find where the program stores it and move it to the system's font folder. That is beyond the scope of this manual and you do so at your own risk.

Text Font: This is where you set the default font style and size for node text, in other words, what you type in a node. All nodes will share this font style, and all documents. If you set this to say, Arial 9 point, then at a later date change it to Linux Libertine 10 point, all previously written text in all Cherrytree documents will also be in Linux Libertine 10 point when you view or edit it.

Code Font: This is where you set the default font style and size for code in nodes and code boxes. When you set an "Automatic Syntax Highlighting" option for a node, the text you type into that node will then be in the font and size you set here. The same will be true of text put into code boxes in default nodes. Changing the font later follows the same rules as those for Text Font above.

Tree Font: This is the default font used for the node names in the tree. It only affects the tree text, not the menus or node text. Most users will usually set this to a slightly smaller font size than the node text, and when used in conjunction with the node name text wrapping option, it can make long node names more readable. Changing this also follows the same rules as Text Font above.

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