Plain Text and Code Nodes Preferences


This option will mostly be set by programmers to help in writing code, but a regular user may find the coloring useful for other types of writing. The options here are for color schemes, and presently they include Classic, Cobalt, Kate, Oblivion and Tango. When used in conjunction with the "Automatic Syntax Highlighting" property for an individual node, or the syntax style of a code box, this option will affect the colors you see for all programming language syntax and the current line highlight. While Cherrytree supports over 70 different program language syntaxes, the highlighting style you choose will affect all of them. The best way to use this option is by experimenting with it.
Find the highlighting color scheme that's most pleasing to you and set that as your default. Note that If you decide later to change it to another scheme, all the existing code with highlighting set in the Cherrytree document will change to the new setting, not just code you're writing at the time.

Show White Spaces: This option places a small bullet-like character wherever there's a space. This can be handy in writing code with certain languages because spaces are interpreted, and you may have accidentally placed an extra space somewhere that's causing a bug in the code. This makes it easier to see the spaces, and if there's more than one between words.

Highlight Current Line: This option will make the line containing the cursor appear in a different color from the default background, making it easier to see where the cursor is in large blocks of code.

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