Cherrytree Window

The default Cherrytree window is broken into four parts, the node pane where all the document node names and icons are, the node name header where the name of the presently viewed node is, the tool bar with all it's icons, and the main text or "note" pane. The main note pane will be where you type all your notes, paste in copied objects, create tables and code boxes, etc. It's the heart of the program and where you will spend the most time.


All except the menus and main note pane can be hidden if desired. To show or hide the tree pane, you can press <F9> on the keyboard, or select "Show/Hide Tree" from the view menu. To show or hide the node name header, select "Show/Hide Node Name Header" from the view menu. To show or hide the tool bar select "Show/Hide Toolbar" from the view menu.
When the node pane is visible, you can adjust the size of it by clicking on the bar between it and the main window and dragging it in the direction desired. This allows you to better see long node names when they're truncated. If you'd like to be able to see long node names with a smaller node pane, consider changing the name wrapping length in the Tree preference. You can also choose in the Tree preferences to have the tree on the right side of the Cherrytree window.
You can navigate in the tree pane with the arrow keys. Up/Down arrows will move you up and down in the tree, left/right will expand or collapse child nodes if they exist. Right-clicking on a node name in the tree pane will open a menu of options the same as choosing the Tree menu.

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