File Menu

New Instance: Opens a new, empty Cherrytree document. Give it a name, select a folder and hit <ENTER>.

Open File <CTRL>+O: Open an existing Cherrytree document. If there's already a Cherrytree document open, it will replace the current document with the opened one.

Save <CTRL>+S: Save the current Cherrytree document.

Save As <SHIFT>+<CTRL>+S: Opens the file dialog to allow giving the file a new name, new folder, or changing the file type to another kind, XML or SQLite.

Page Setup <SHIFT>+<CTRL>+P: Here you select your printer, and set you paper size and orientation for printing. NOTE: Most of the more advanced settings are done before you print, in your operating system /desktop's default print dialog.

Print / to PDF <CTRL>+P: This will open a small dialog asking you whether you want to print just the currently selected text, current node, the current node and any sub-nodes under it, or the entire document. See Nodes Export for more information. Depending on your operating system, you should also find in the print dialog an option to "Save file to Disk" or similar term, where you can create a PDF or Postscript instead of printing. Check your operating system documentation for how to do this if you're not sure.

Recent Documents: This has a submenu where it lists your most recent Cherrytree documents. Choose one to open it.

Quit <CTRL>+Q: Quits Cherrytree. If you have "Enable System Tray Docking" checked in your preferences, this will minimize Cherrytree to the system tray with the current document loaded.

Exit Cherrytree <SHIFT>+<CTRL>+Q: This item will appear if you have "Enable System Tray Docking" enabled. This will close the Cherrytree program. If you have "Autosave on Quit" selected in your preferences, Cherrytree will save the current document before it exits. If not, it will ask you if you want to save the current document or discard the edits.

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