Show / Hide Tree <F9>: Toggles visibility of the tree window pane which by default is on the left of the main window. Sometimes you may want to conserve screen space for your editing by hiding the tree pane.

Show / Hide Toolbar: Toggles visibility of the tool bar on top of the screen. Keyboard gurus almost never use the mouse and have little need for the tool bar icons, this allows them to hide it and gain a bit more screen space.

Show / Hide Node Name Header:
This is the small area at the top of the edit window that shows the current node name. If you don't want or need to see it, toggle it off with this option.

Show All Matches Dialog <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+A: If you previously did a search for text using the "Show All Matches", this will reopen that dialog with the last search results. See "Searching in Cherrytree".

Toggle Focus Tree/Text <CTRL>+J: This will move the keyboard focus from the text window to the node list. Using the keyboard shortcut allows you to move back and forth, changing to another node without having to take your hands from the keyboard.

Toggle Node Expand/Collapse <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+J: While in the Tree pane, this will allow you to expand or collapse the current node into it's parent node.

Expand All Nodes: Expand (show) all the sub-nodes in the document Tree.

Collapse All Nodes: Collapse all sub-nodes into their parents.

Increase Toolbar Icon Size and Decrease Toolbar Icon Size: These toggle the size of the icons used in the tool bar. If you're having trouble seeing the icons, try making them larger. On the other hand, if you want to gain a touch more screen space, try making them smaller. NOTE: Many of the tool bar icons are taken from the operating system / desktop in use. Because they are generic and belong to the desktop, there may be a setting or override in place that will prevent Cherrytree from changing their size. If the size toggle does not work, check with you desktop's settings to see if Cherrytree is being overridden.

Full Screen On/Off <F11>: For the maximum in screen real estate, you can toggle Cherrytree to use all the available screen area. Note that Cherrytree will use all of the screen, you will not be able to see any desktop panels, widgets or other objects, nor share the screen with any other programs or windows while in this mode. Simply hit <F11> again to resume normal use.

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