User Interface

The User Interface is what you see when you open Cherrytree, the window with all it's buttons and menus. Presently you cannot change or customize the default buttons, but that will be possible in future versions of Cherrytree.
Because Cherrytree is a very powerful program with many functions and options, we have broken this down into three sections:

CherryTree Window: Explains the default window layout and how you can change it if desired.

Toolbar: What all those icons are, and how to use them.

Menus: What each menu entry does, and how or when you might use them.

Cherrytree is still growing, becoming more powerful and flexible with each version. If you have ideas or think "Gee, it would be nice if Cherrytree could do something it does not do...", go to the website and see if it's already planned for future versions. If it's not in the planning stage, suggest it. We're always open to good suggestions, and you may just see that something in future versions!

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