Drag and Drop

Presently Cherrytree supports very little drag and drop ability. You can drag files and folders from a file manager to a Cherrytree node and the file/folder path will be inserted, but it is not as a click-able link. Images will not appear, only their paths. The same is true for website URLs taken from browser URL bars. The URL will only appear in the Cherrytree node as text and will not be click-able. If you need your paths or URLs to be click-able links, copy and paste them instead, pasted file and web addresses are instantly recognized and automatically converted to links.
Text is another story. Any text, whether in a text editor, word-processor, web browser and many other applications, you can drag and drop into a Cherrytree node and it will appear. Note that most applications don't show that the text is drag-able, but if you select it, then click anywhere in your selection and start dragging with the mouse button down, it will copy it.

In this screenshot you can see text from the Cherrytree website being drag-and-dropped into a Cherrytree node:


The text in the browser window was selected, and then clicked with holding the mouse button down, then dragged to the Cherrytree document. Any special formatting the text may have beyond basic RTF (Rich Text Format) will be lost, but the text will all be copied.

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