Tables are a great way to store and view repetitive information, like phone number or birthday lists, collection data and other types of lists. Cherrytree supports tables and can even import and tables in CSV format, as well as tables copied and pasted from web pages. However, these tables are limited to containing text and numbers, they don't have formulas or do calculations like a spreadsheet can. Plus they cannot be linked to a spreadsheet file. Updates in the spreadsheet program will not be reflected in the table in Cherrytree. Also note that CSV tables are very basic. If you have a table in say Excel or OpenOffice Calc, and it to CSV for importing into Cherrytree, all formulas and any special formatting will be lost, only the actual text and formula results are ed. Cherrytree does not understand and cannot import native spreadsheet files.

When you click the "Insert a Table" icon on the tool bar (or select "Edit>Insert Table" from the top menu, or right-click and select "Insert>Insert Table"), you're presented with this dialog:


Table Size: Here you select the number of rows and column you want the table to have. Note that the number of rows you select will actually have one more, that's the one that contains the column titles. So when selecting how many rows and columns, remember you only have to worry about enough to contain your data, title rows will be automatically added.

Column Properties: This is where you would set the default column minimum and maximum sizes. These sizes are expressed in pixels, not characters, so if you have a lot of lengthy information to place in them, set the maximum to something that will contain it all without wrapping. If you later find your columns still are not long enough, you can always edit the table properties by right-clicking on it and choosing "Edit Table Properties".

Import Table from CSV File: Click this option if you want to import a table from another program and click on "OK" or press <ENTER>. This will open your default operating system / desktop file chooser dialog. Navigate to the CSV file you want and select it. It will be imported into the node page at the cursor position. There you can view, add items or edit it.
NOTE: When exporting a CSV file from another program, if possible always use the comma character as your field delimiter. Many programs provide options for a field delimiter, the TAB character is one often used, but Cherrytree currently will not recognize any other characters. The table will import, but all the column fields may group together in the rows, or you may encounter other bizarre results depending on the character chosen as a delimiter.

A default (not imported) Cherrytree table will look like this:

click meclick meclick me

You notice the "click me" text in the first row? Those are column label placeholders. Click on one and you will open a dialog where you can change the column name.


This dialog as other options, and can be invoked at any time by clicking on a column label. When you first create your table, you will want to label the columns, so you type a new name in the text box and click "OK" or press <ENTER>.

Rename Column: Create a name for a new table column, or edit an existing name. Type the new name in the text box and click "OK" or press <ENTER>.

Delete Column: This will delete the column currently selected. All text or data in it will be lost.

Add Column: This will add another column to the right of the column selected. You'll also be given the option of naming the column in the text box to the right of the button before it's created.

Move Column Left: Will move the selected column to the left by one column.

Move Column Right: Will move the selected column to the right by one column.

To delete or add rows to a table, right-click in a row and select the desired option from the menu. Note that these options are also available to tables imported from CSV files. You can delete or add rows, and you have the same ability to change column names, delete, add or move columns in imported tables by clicking on the column label.
If you want to add a new line in a cell (to enter more than one line of text or numbers), press <CTRL>+. (that's the period key). The cell height will expand to accommodate the added characters.

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